About Us

The SWAZIS FIRST DEMOCRATIC FRONT’s Founding Principles adopted in Mpumalanga in December 2022. Therefore, several programs of principles have been laid out for the policy direction of the party, and will be used as compasses of guidance within the organization. The fundamental values and founding principles are freedom, equality, solidarity, Diversity, and Fairness. The SFDF’s ideological position is social democrats, and the belief in democracy and the struggle for social equity that will drive policies that are pro-people.


Solidarity and community

The SFDF believes in community. It is through strong and committed communities, that we will best ensure the individual’s opportunity to live a prosperous life and fulfil their personal potential. In a solidary community, people seek to do their best while assisting one another. This affirms well with the bantu adage that “I am because you are” umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu.

Freedom and equality

All people are equal, but this does not mean identical. People have individual aspirations and requirements in life. All children, who grow up in Swaziland, shall have the same opportunities of becoming part of society and making the most of their own potential.


Rights and responsibilities

With rights come responsibilities. People have the right to access all the help that the state can provide; while people have the responsibility to contribute in society to make sure the rights are accessed by everyone.

Trust and cohesion

A trustworthy society with cohesion is a good and safe place to live. Swaziland must be trustworthy and cohesive society. The Swazi people deserve to feel a sense of belonging to the same community and that they share the same values and respect for each other.

Democracy and civic education

The SFDF believes in democracy. It is the only just and most effective form of government in the world. A democracy should not have boundaries or contradictions between those who rule, and those who are ruled.

Sustainability and responsibility

In a modern world, it is important to remember, that even today humankind lives in symbiosis with nature and its forces. The SFDF believes that mankind has a responsibility for taking care of nature and animals with which we share the planet. Plants and animals are valuable to mankind, but they also have their own value.

Escape From the Sea

The SFDF values have no boundaries. The SFDF seeks to promote both in Swaziland and the world the advancement socialist democratic principles. The SFDF is an international party, and believes that cross-border alliances are beneficial. The SFDF advocates for a world system built on fair and just rules and norms. The SFDF advocates for a world that builds on the rule of law, and not rule of power.

Political Ideology

Swazis First Democratic Front embraces a Socialist Democrats ideology made clear by the following:

Socialists: the people of  Swaziland need a government system that will respond to the needs of over 70% poor that are living in rural Swaziland, the 68% youth that has approximately 52.3%of them unemployed, the 56% women with most of them not economically active because of the patriarchal society, the over 80% of the population without title deeds for land ownership because of the current feudalistic system that has led to many evictions, the over 60% in unemployment caused by the capitalism as envisaged in the king being the sole owner of all means of production and the people of Swaziland slaves to big business, the challenges faced by businesses (entrepreneurs) as there is no fair competition in the country as well as many other social and economic challenges faced by marginalized groups like people living with disability and the LGBQIT. In short, socialist we simply mean an economy that works for the social needs of the people of Swaziland. 


To enable a thriving, secure and progressive democracy in Swaziland, the SADC region and internationally


Collaborate with local, regional and international partners to advocate and instill social justice, climate change, sustainable development, employment opportunities and economic growth, financial market reforms, and human rights to create a democratic Swaziland and a bright future for all.