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Thank you for your interest in the new political player in Swazi politics.

About SFDF

The SWAZIS FIRST DEMOCRATIC FRONT’s Founding Principles adopted in Mpumalanga in December 2022.

Therefore, several programs of principles have been laid out for the policy direction of the party, and will be used as compasses of guidance within the organization. The fundamental values and founding principles are freedom, equality, solidarity, Diversity, and Fairness.

The SFDF’s ideological position is social democrats, and the belief in democracy and the struggle for social equity that will drive policies that are pro-people.

The SFDF considers values to be of paramount importance. Without them, there would be no party. Values are fundamental in everything that the political party will do, and they set the direction for SFDF’s political programs.

Nevertheless, the SFDF acknowledges that these values are not limited to Swaziland. However, they are part of an international socialist movement that the SFDF will join in due course.

In most parts of the world, the gap between the rich and the poor is widening, while socialist democratic values are confined to a few countries where they have proven to work with much effectiveness. We therefore need a strong Social Democracy with strong values internationally.

The world needs a strong Social Democracy with strong values internationally.

Busie Mayisela: President
Dr Siphetfo Dlamini: Deputy President